First, they should collect an application form from our personal loan section and submit along with other relevant documents. The requirements to process the loan are (a) Their minimum fortnight net salary should be SBD 1,200 of more, (b) They should be not more than 50 years of age, (c) They should be maintaining an account with POB, (d) They should submit an NPF application form (POB loan application from), (e) NPF balance confirmation letter addressed to POB also should be submitted, (f) for SIG employees, a standing order on fortnight basis from salary account covering the fortnightly loan installments should be opened and for private sector employees, salary remittance directly from employer to POB account is a must.

All employed persons in the government sector (SIG) and in the private sector who contributes for the National Provident Fund.

What you have to do is to just visit one of our Branches and fill an account opening mandate form and hand it over to our staff at our account opening counter or download the account opening form available online and after completing the same you should handover it over at one of our Branches.

The minimum deposit for a POB “Term Deposit” is SBD 5000

The minimum and the maximum deposit period is 7 days and 5 years respectively.

The minimum balance to qualify for the special bonus interest under this scheme is SBD 1000.

The minimum initial deposit a “POB Capital Saver” Account is SBD 100.

Yes, there are. Under Chequeking account we have an account titled “Special Business Current account”, where we pay interest on these accounts provided you maintain a balance over SBD 100,000. In Savings accounts we have this “POB Capital Saver” which pays a higher interest rate than than normal savings account.

There are three main types of Deposit accounts available namely, Chequeking account (current account), Savings account and Term Deposit account.

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