Type of ChargeRate OR Charge AmountType of chargeRate OR Charge Amount
Dishonored Cheques$30.00Salary Listing [ Per Item]Free
Dishonoured Cheques -Outwards$200.00salary Listing [ Per Item] Other BanksFree
Standing Order [With in POB]FreeStop Payment / NoticeMinimum $25.00 Per Leaf Maximum $200.00
Standing Order (other Banks)$25.00Monthly StatementFree
Issue of Bank Cheque$30.00Account Statement - Reconstructed From Records$10.00 Per Monthly
Replacement of Bank Cheques (Lost & Destroyed)$40.00Statement - Certificate$150.00
Duplicate Bank Cheques$50.00Audit Certificate Issuance$150.00
Fast Cheque Clearance [Other Banks]$100.00Sending Scanned Documents By email$10.00
Postal Charges [Registered Post]$10.00Premature Term Deposit Upliftment$150.00
All Foreign Currency Notes - Sell- Commission4%All Foreign Currency Notes - Buy- CommissionFree
Outward Telegraphic Transfer$123.00Inward Telegraphic Transfer$50.00
CBSI Charges for Outward TT [ If Applicable]$ 50.00General Swift Charges Through 2nd Bank$ 400.00
General Swift Charges Direct from POB$200.00Courier Charges$750.00
Cheque Book$1.30 [ Per Leaf]Deposit Book$ 25.00

Non POB Customers & Clean Collections

Description Fee AmountDescriptionFee Amount
Handling Fees0.5% Minimum maximun $3,500.00Inward Clean Collection0.7% Minimum $150.00 Maximum $1,500.00
Outward Telegraphic Transfer0.5% Minimum $100.00 Maximum $ 1,500.00Outward Collection0.7% Minimum $150.00 Maximum $1,500.00
Inward Telegraphic Transfer0.5% Minimum $100.00 maximum $1,500.00

Export Documentary Credit

DescriptionFee AmountDescriptionFee Amount
LC Advice direct to POB$500.00LC Advice through a 2nd Bank$ 2,500.00
Amendment direct to POB$ 300.00Amendment through 2nd Bank$ 500.00
Handling Fee$ 5,000.00Export Bill Purchase Interest Rate14%

Import Documentary Credit

DescriptionFee AmountDescriptionFee Amount
Usance Lc 30 days Tenor [ If beyond 30 days]2% Minimum $1,000.00 Maximum $ 4 ,000.00Sight LC 1% Minimum $ 500.00 Maximum $3,500.00
Amendment Fee General$250.00Amendment Fee Enhancement of Value1% Minimum $500.00 Maximum $ 3,500.00
Import Documents under LC$2,000.00Import Document under collection$1,000.00
Discrepancy FeeUS$ 50.00 -Equivalent
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