POB now opens the door for enterprises with a SME loan. SME loans could be readily obtained for your working capital requirements, business expansions and to acquire fixed assets to the business with an establishment fee of 1% on the loan. No administration charges or loan utilization fees. The repayment duration of the loan will be from 3 to 5 years depending on the purpose of the loan.

POB now expands into the commercial sector offering the best loans for your venture growth.

POB LifeLine

As one of its long-term objectives, POB plans to take the lead in supporting smallholder family, tribe, community, and private farmers, rural entrepreneurs and SME’s to uplift their businesses and increase their living standard to promote a savings culture throughout the nation.

We are glad in introducing a lucrative SME micro-loans facility to the community. It is our belief that providing such financial solutions to local Entrepreneurs is the key to unlocking their potential to actively participate in the development of this country. Pan Oceanic Bank believes that SMEs can potentially make up an economic power house, with a share of 80% of the economy. Empowered SMEs would become active participants in the financial system of the country.

Especially our micro finance scheme focuses women and gives the fullest meaning for women empowerment. Our SME Loan facility has an exclusive scheme for women with better options and facilities.

Eligibility Criteria

All new micro, small and medium size business customers and Entrepreneurs with an existing track record and small and SME businesses in the process of upgrading their business model dynamics.


Qualification Criteria

  • Maximum monthly turnover up to $60,000
  • No other existing banking facilities
  • No refinance
  • Ethical businesses


Loan Amounts

  • Minimum loan amount: SBD 5,000
  • Maximum loan amount: SBD 150,000


Loan purpose

  • Operational requirements
  • Capital requirements
  • Or both


More information can be collected from the Loans Team at the POB branches in Hyundai Mall and Panatina.


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