Established in 2014, Pan Oceanic Bank (POB) is the Solomon Island’s first licensed commercial bank. Incorporated under the Banking Act of Solomon Islands, POB has enabled rapid, organic growth in the domestic market through a strategy aimed at National needs. Serving as the only licensed commercial to be locally incorporated bank in the Solomon Islands, POB’s roots are intrinsically linked with our people, businesses and our nation. In that regard, POB’s business model, product and services offering are all consciously adapted to suit the specific needs of an economy growing at a moderate step. POB’s superior range of products and services are specifically tailored to meet the varied needs of Micro, Small and Retail sectors of the local economy, as part of the bank’s unwavering commitment to ensure inclusive financial growth and a technologically adept banking industry that will in turn facilitate a new digital payments revolution across the Solomon Islands.

“Since inception, POB has been one of the island’s best performing banks, consistently outperforming the industry to record exponential growth. This growth trajectory is in alignment with the proactive approach of POB that entails a constant search for valuable new sustainable growth opportunities.Backed by an innovative spectrum of products and services, POB is actively working to infuse the banking industry of Solomon Islands with best practices, as part of our long term strategy to support the effective development of new economic opportunities. These values are best reflected in POB’s corporate philosophy which is based around a single, powerful concept: ‘Empowering the Nation’.Blending a wealth of local and international expertise, and supported by continuous investments from the bank into new standard of certain services in the industry. Our highly dedicated team of bankers is at the core of a transformational journey that willultimately sustain POB as it maintains its position as “Bankers to the Nation.”



“Be the leading financial institution in
Solomon Islands by enabling financial
inclusion through innovation and commitment
to Micro, Small and SME sectors”



Pan Oceanic Bank has established on July 11, 2014 with the expertise from a reputed Sri Lankan-based consultancy consortium, Global Management Consultants (Pvt) Ltd (GMC) which engage in developing different business models. The consultancy team of GMC in Colombo Sri Lanka worked tirelessly to procure all required systems and establish the processes that were required for a good start of Pan Oceanic Bank.


Mr. Nihal Kakulawala
Former CEO

"Pan Oceanic Bank is proud to be the first locally incorporated commercial bank based here in Solomon Islands. “Empowering the Nation” is our brand, making our products and services accessible to all sectors of the economy. We offer products that are tailor-made for the needs of Solomon Islanders. We are your local link to international standard of service."

Mr. Upali De Silva

"It is indeed with great pleasure that, on behalf of the Government and people of Solomon Islands, I send this message of goodwill and best wishes to Pan Oceanic Bank, the first bank to be incorporated in Solomon Islands at its opening. This is a new chapter in banking and finance for the country and at a time that the Melanesian Region in general and Solomon Islands in particular is making great studies in the field of economic development. I take these opportunities to wish Pan Oceanic Bank every success and I am sure that with time, it will become a strong financial power house and a good corporate citizen of Solomon Islands."



The Solomon Islands is a sovereign country consisting of a large number of islands in Oceania lying to the east of Papua New Guinea and northwest of Vanuatu and covering a land area of 27,986 square kilometres. We also occupy around 900 miles over the South Pacific Ocean and the country’s population is 609,883 (2013). Honiara is the capital of the Solomon Islands. Per Capita GDP is $ 3,400 (2013) and the real GDP growth rate is 4% (2013). The Solomon Islands is a constitutional monarchy with the Queen of Solomon Islands, currently Queen Elizabeth II, as its head of state. Manasseh Sogavare is the current Prime Minister of Solomon Island. The Solomon Islands’ agriculture products are cocoa, coconut, palm kernels, rice, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, cattle, pigs, fish, timber and our main industries are fish (tuna), mining and timber, gold.

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Pan Oceanic Bank