Establishing Correspondent Banking Relationship with Crown Agents Bank

Empowering the Nation – Solomon Power ties up with POB

Solomon power signed an agreement with the nation’s local bank POB, at the Solomon Power(SP) premises, in Ranadi on May 2,2018 to facilitate the collection of pre-paid bills of SP.
The agreement would facilitate customers of SP to have their reloads for electricity 24 x 365 days.
The solution offered by POB is an extension of the mobile digital product introduced to the market by them in 2016. Once this is fully operational, any customer of SP could have their top-ups, using their mobile devices the “POB Purse” digital banking product.
Speaking at the occasion Mr. Pradip Verma, the CEO SP, mentioned their commitment to improve the efficiency and flexibility of its collection process to improve their customer service and at the same time give all the banks an equal opportunity to compete in the market for the business.
He also mentioned that the partnership would facilitate their consumers to purchase electricity online 24 hours a day and avoid excessive commission charged on electricity consumers, outside banking hours.
Mr. Suresh Amareasekara, the CEO of POB, commenting on the occasion, said it was a great milestone of the bank to tie up with the leading SOE in the country, for the broader benefit of Solomon Islanders.
He also said that they are happy to contribute to the Digitalization and Financial Inclusion policies of the Government of Solomon Islands, with this initiative.
At the occasion of the signing the agreement, the CEO’s of both organizations Apollos Insimae chief financial Officer(Acting) of SP, Henry Kapu, Director and Chairman of the Audit and Finance Sub-Committee of the board of SP; Jude Weerasekara, Head of IT & Digital Banking and Prudence Meke, from the Digital Banking Division of POB were also present.

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